All you need for flower beds, lawn and vegetable patch.

Kings Landscaping offers two products from Melcourt,s range of screened bark mulches, helping reduce the cost of on-going landscape maintenance through moisture retention and weed suppression and providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
We also stock and supply, British Sugars Landscape20 Top Soil, Produced to the stringent, fully-audited standards maintained throughout the TOPSOIL business, Landscape20 has a dependable quality assured by regular independent analysis. Unlike 'muckaway', it is entirely free of contaminated waste, glass or building material residue and is devoid of invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed. As a fully natural product Landscape20 does contain annual weeds but these are easily managed using normal weed-control methods. It is disease-free and contains no pesticide contamination. Typically the texture is sandy loam.
Landscape20 is analysed to the newly revised British Standard for topsoil BS3882:2007.

We supply Sovereign Turf  A stunning, fully formed lawn can be installed in hours at a surprisingly low cost
Why wait 1-2 years for a new lawn that struggles to maturity from seed when you can have excellent results overnight?
Convenience, efficiency and quality are the hallmarks of our Regal turf.

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